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MTNA’s Virtual Event is a Vital Resource for Music Teachers

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Ohio, U.S.
A virtual conference to replace their usual in-person annual event.
Virtual Conference/Trade Show

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2020 marked the first year the Ohio-based Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) went Virtual for their annual conference as they responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. A historic organization founded in 1876, The MTNA are renowned as a center of excellence in the music teaching profession, providing a wealth of wisdom and support as well as financial, legal and health services for members.

The MTNA conference is a fantastic platform for collaboration and communication, giving members the opportunity to present their own keynote sessions. Performing a recital of his work at the conference, American composer Peter Van Zandt Lane was presented with the ‘Distinguished Composer of the Year’ Award’, an MTNA tradition since 1969. Sponsors included Casio and Yamaha - both esteemed in part for their production of musical instruments – with dedicated Sponsor and Exhibitor Halls allowing attendees to connect and sample an exciting array of products.

Attesting to the unique ability of Virtual events to increase accessibility and reach a global audience, The MTNA transcended borders and restrictions to deliver an exciting online event. Over 2000 guests worldwide were able to explore a range of activities, talks, performances, and products at the conference – all as dynamic as if attendees were physically present. The conference featured 100 different sessions, as well as master classes, addresses with keynote speakers, and stimulating music recitals.

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Utilizing some of the cutting-edge Virtual features and technology available – such as an Interactive Floorplan, Virtual Discussion Rooms and Live Streaming - The MTNA committed to a world-class conference at a complex time for events. Through All In The Loop’s expertise in custom, branded web platforms, The MTNA were able to find not only a solution, but an improvement on previous conferences.

Attendees also had the option to participate on-the-go using a streamlined mobile app; here, attendees could ask presenters questions through a Q+A feature, which could be used concurrently with viewing Live Streams. Networking with other participants was also made simple via Messaging and Video-Calling features, readily available through All In The Loop’s tailor-made virtual platform. The Live Stream feature meant participants could connect with esteemed music teaching professionals from wherever their location might be around the world.

All In The Loop were delighted to assist with such an invigorating event here and are pleased to provide conference sessions for attendees as a central resource.

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