Powerful Event App Features

Include Smart Features In Your App to Maximize Your Event

Lead Retrieval

Allow Attendees and Exhibitors to scan Visitor Badges directly from your App. From here they can ask a series of questions to create and save a new Lead. Leads can be downloaded directly or emailed instantly.

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Beacon Integration

Send Location-Based push notifications to Attendees by setting up Bluetooth Beacons around your venue. Send alerts, track movements and find the most popular areas at your event.

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Gamification Tools

Add an element of competition and fun by awarding Attendees points on various interactions in your App. A styled leaderboard shows everyone who has the most points and encourages Attendees to use your App.

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Wayfinding Navigation

Guide your Attendees through large and overwhelming trade shows with Wayfinding. Your App can draw a line through pathways on your Attendees' screens giving them a tailored route through your show.

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Meeting Scheduler

Transform your event into a networking frenzy with in-App Meeting Scheduling. Include meeting areas and specific meeting times available to your Attendees and Exhibitors.

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Feature Highlights

Attendee Directory

Full list of Attendees searchable by name, title and company

Exhibitor Directory

Full list of Exhibitors complete with logos, stand numbers - easily filtered with customized categories

Exhibitor Profiles

Create dynamic profiles for Exhibitors complete with images, descriptions, social links and linked Attendees


Include a searchable Speaker Directory and map Speakers to Agenda Sessions.

Sponsor Directory

Show a tiered Sponsor Directory complete with bios, web links and more

Sponsor Opportunities

Monetize your App by including sponsor messages, banners and logos across your App

Smart Agenda

Use Tracks, limit places, set reminders and connect to other content in your App.


Add quantitative and qualitative questions into your App to gain useful feedback


Add Q&A Sessions to allow Attendees to ask questions overtly or anonymously. Others can vote up Questions live.

Handouts & Documents

Organize and share multiple files in separate folders. All content can be updated instantly.

Presentation Slides

Add in Presentation Slides ready for Attendees to browse. No more squinting from the back of the room!

Instant Updates

Make instant updates to your content and design from the Content Management System.

Geo Maps

Add Google Maps to show venues and other important locations.

Private Messaging

Allow Attendees to message each other privately and help form together new relationships

Push Notifications

Send out instant alerts or schedule important information or sponsor messages.


Give Attendees the ability to make notes on any part of the App ready to revisit later.

Custom Pages

Show event information, travel information, anything you want! One tap phone numbers and email links can be included.


Find out exactly how your content was received with your own, real-time dashboard and help shape future strategies.

Beacon Technology

Use Beacons to send targeted, location-based notifications and find out which areas of your event were most popular


Include a 3D floor plan with personalized navigation to draw routes through your event for your Attendees.

Interactive Floor Plans

Bring your floor plan to life with interactive floor plans or use an AUTOCAD file for an advanced 3D map.


Prompt interaction by awarding Attendees points based on how much they interact with your App.

Scavenger Hunt

Place riddles and clues in your App and use Beacons to send out a notification with the next clue when they have arrived at the right place.

Live Polling

Push out Live Polls to gain instant feedback during Presentations

Meeting Booking

Provide a robust meeting booking tool for Attendees and Exhibitors to help organize their day.

Payment Processing

Collect funds directly into your account using Paypal, Stripe or Authorize

Silent Auction

Include a silent auction in your App with mobile bidding, reserves, incremental bidding and outbid alerts

Online Shop

Sell tickets, items or merchandise from your App in a few simple taps


Allow Attendees to favorite Speakers, Exhibitors, Sponsors and more whilst you can collect valuable data in the background.


Place banner adverts throughout your App complete with links and provide click data to your Sponsors.

Merge Fields

Use Merge Fields to show customized information and itineraries to each of your Attendees based on their Registration data.

Event Registration

Create your own personalized registration form and embed it on your website. All registered Attendees appear in your App instantly.

Onboarding Screens

Add customized sponsor screens or how-to/App info screens to show when your App is first opened.

API Integration

Integrate your App with other registration systems and CRM systems.

Skip Logic

Use Skip Logic in Surveys to tailor questions based on previous answers and get more specific feedback

Badge Printing

Send out badges after Registration or Print them directly from the App when a guest arrives.

Selfie Filter

Add a custom photo filter for your show (like Snapchat!) and allow Users to take selfies with your filter and share to social media

Lead Retrieval

Allow Visitors and Exhibitors to scan badges directly from the App, record custom data and download a list of warm leads

Activity Feed

Create your own private social network and merge it with hashtags and Facebook pages. Attendees can share posts directly from your App.

Check In Portal

Check In and Check Out Attendees when they arrive at your Event directly from the admin panel in your App.

QR Scanner

Use QR codes for badge Check In, Lead Retrival and to show more information in your App.


Include as many languages as you want and add in translations for your content
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