Gamification Tools

Award points to your Attendees based on how much they interact with your App to promote networking and social sharing

Get people talking - Get people moving!

Award points based on interactions

Promote interaction between Attendees and Exhibitors by awarding points for sending messages, requesting meetings and sharing contact information

Create a scavenger hunt!

Attach beacons to various items that are hidden around your venue as part of a scavenger hunt! The more beacons an Attendee walks past the more points they score.

Featured Project

Meeting booking and messaging completely boomed at America's Warrior Partnership's annual event. The Attendee who scored the most points was awarded with an iPad Mini.

How gamification tools work

Choose your point system

In the CMS decide what interactions you would like to award points for and how many points you would like to award.

Add beacons for more fun

Place beacons around your event and award a certain number of points every time someone walks by one to promote movement

Award your top scorers!

A great way to motivate Attendees to get involved is to offer a prize for your top scorer or scorers. This can be detailed easily on the leaderboard

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