Event content at your Attendees' fingertips

  Share and instantly update event content in your Event App whilst collecting valuable data

Replace printed material

Step into the digital age and go green. Showcase all event information on your branded App and update instantly.

Personalize the experience

Provide custom schedules, flight information and suggested content to every guest at their fingertips.

Enhance networking

Get the conversation started with 1-to-1 messaging, meeting booking and internal social feeds.

Showcase your sponsors

Give your Sponsors strong exposure and valuable click-through data through a variety of interactive ads and notifications.

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Portray your brand through your App the way you want to

 The perfect tool for any conference

  Create a two way conversation between presenters and attendees

Multi-Track Agenda

Personalize schedules and agendas for each individual and link speaker bios, session evaluations, white papers and more.

Live Feedback

Enhance the experience with Live Q&A and Polling to collect thoughts, opinions and instanaeous feedback during presentations

Messaging/Meeting Booking

Connect your Attendees and Sponsors quickly using searchable directories, messaging and meeting booking functionality

Instant Announcements

Show alerts through push notifications

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Find out why All In The Loop designed and launched a mobile App for the largest food Trade Show in the world.

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Texto Alternativo

 Unparalleled networking and navigation at trade shows

  Give Attendees and Exhibitors the ultimate tool to network, navigate and generate more sales

Lead Scanning

Exhibitors scan badges directly from the App to generate leads and answer a series of customizable qualifying questions

Layered and Searchable Directory

Organize Exhibitor directories with keyword searches, multiple filters, parent categories and country options to help Attendees find what they are looking for

Messaging/Meeting Booking

Connect your Attendees and Exhibitors quickly using the messaging and meeting booking functionality

Interactive Maps and Wayfinding

Make your static floor plan interactive and include the ability to give your Attendees directions from one stand to the next

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