Lead Retrieval

Give your Attendees and Exhibitors a powerful tool to generate leads at your event

The best way to seriously boost revenue at your trade show

Sell Lead Retrieval Passes

Provide Exhibitors with the option acquire the lead retrieval platform as an efficient way to generate leads at a premium charge

Create different tiers

Allow top level lead retrieval users to ask questions to scanned leads direct from the app to generate more data. Lower levels can only retrieve contact information.

Skip Logic functionality allows each lead to hold vast amounts of detail ready for follow up

Scan to view and edit contact information

Opening question for further information

Next question based on previous answer

Featured Project

Arab Health, the third largest trade show in the world, utilized Lead Retrieval in their App created by All In The Loop to help boost revenue and increase deals made after their show.

How it works for lead retrieval users

Scan from the App

Users who have the permission to access Lead Retrieval can scan QR codes or Bar codes from the app

View Contact Details

Lead Retrieval Users can edit contact details and ask tailored questions with skip logic to save more information against the lead for follow up

Download Leads

Leads can be viewed and downloaded directly ready to upload into a CRM for direct follow up complete with all details and answers

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