Wayfinding Navigation

Transform your floor plan into a 3D map complete with wayfinding navigation and automatic routing

Create a personalized experience and generate more revenue

Help Attendees get to the right places

Add your 3D Map with Wayfinding so your Attendees can search for an Exhibitor in your App and then a route will appear from their location to where they want to go

Highlight premium Exhibitors

Add in messages, logos and adverts above premium Exhibitor stands so that they stand out from the crowd

Featured Project

Informa Middle East used a 3D floor plan at their Cityscape Global event to help their Attendees navigate around the Dubai World Trade Centre

How wayfinding navigation works

Send us your AUTOCAD

Send your Account Manager your AUTOCAD/DWG file so that this can be added and designed to your App

Link Exhibitors

Your Account Manager will link Exhibitors to your 3D Floor Plan so that Attendees can find where Exhibitors are by opening their profiles.

Wayfinding Navigation

Attendees open your 3D map and select the Exhibitor they are nearest to, and the Exhibitor they want to go to. This then draws a route for them on the map.

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