Live Chat, Moderated Q&A and Live Polling

Get real-time, in-session questions and feedback from attendees whether attending virtually or in-person.

Live Polling at Events
Event Live Q&A Audience Response

An interactive experience

When attendees are in a session they want to interact. Our platform allows for this within a live session 3 different ways;

The live chat option is basically an area for the attendees to make comments, often say hello and express their thoughts on the speakers session

The Q&A feature allows for the participants to ask Questions directly to the speaker (these questions can be approved before being pushed live) it also has the option for other attendees to thumbs up a question they like and this then gets pushed to the top of the screen

Finally we have the live polling option, this would propose a multiple choice question to the audience for them to answer (such as an opinion poll) and we would be able to push the result live in a pie or bar chart format.

This is accessible within the session on the platform for virtual attendees and via the mobile app for in-person attendees. At in-person events you can shoe poll results and questions live on the main AV screen.

For each of the ways attendees can interact we would also be able to give you the detailed analytics.

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