Portray your branding with super flexibility

Your platform will be designed with your brand and design in mind. We produce hundreds of events a year that all have their own look and feel.

Unique Event Apps
Custom Branded Event Apps

Customization like no other

Our platform can cater for any and every event type, we work with you in order to create a fully designed and bespoke platform. You also have the ability to create something yourself if you wish, or you can leave it up to us.

The platform varies massively from event to event - we will make recommendations for your user experience but the final decision on the page is always yours.

Our in-house designers will work with you directly and take your event branding and style to create the pages for you, if you don’t have anything already set, our designers will create this from scratch for you.

Every minute detail can be changed when looking at the left-hand menu and home screen not only with images but text. Nothing is set until you say so.

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