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Providing clients with drug and alcohol testing programs and third-party administration services for compliance.

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Illinois, U.S.
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The United States Drug Testing Laboratories’ (USDTL) held their Virtual Training Conference in 2020, providing a space for stakeholders in drug monitoring to coordinate and learn from each-other. The conference was held in conjunction with The Midwest Association for Toxicology and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (MATT) and Drug Intervention Services of America (DISA), supporting clients and potential clients to accurately deliver substance abuse testing programs. While primarily meant to be educational, the event organizers ensured that the conference was fun and engaging for attendees in a time of social distancing, inspiring connection and engagement through activities from ‘Bourbon Tasting’ and ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’. The conference was organized by Samantha Hurt of the Michigan State Police and USDTL’s Amy Alexander, combining forces to maintain drug-free environments in the community.

USDTL’s training conference drew 150 attendees together to discuss ethical and efficient solutions in drug testing and monitoring, with 20 sessions, 1 Board Meeting, 11 Poster sessions and 8 Platform Sessions creating an immersive Virtual experience. Within each session, All In The Loop’s expert team were able to construct an environment featuring Live Teams Streams with Screen Share and Pre-recorded Footage.

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“The service was great from the team, really communicative and always on hand to answer questions & make and changes/updates to the event platform. On a few occasions they really went above and beyond and committed lots of time and energy to make our event as successful as possible. They also had lots of advice and guidance throughout the process and were always keen to offer their expertise and experience from other events. Big thank you in particular to John for all their efforts.

It's brilliant as an event platform to have everything in one place so that users can explore other areas rather than just the live stream. The Messaging and meeting functionality is great so attendees can still network and collaborate even online. Makes a big difference to attendees’ overall experience, making it feel like more of a whole day event/experience for those missing face-to-face events. I really liked how customizable the platform was so it looked like our own personal app rather than a generic platform. Easy to navigate and helpful instruction videos and guides were provided. Really positive feedback from our users so far rated it 'Excellent' or 'Very Good' out of 46 reviews.

“Overall, we received great feedback from everyone that participated in and attended our conference. We would definitely use them again. There was constant communication with our conference hosts and ourselves. They kept in touch, made sure we were happy, and updated content quickly.”

It was All In The Loop’s pleasure to assist with the USTDL Virtual conference, overcoming the limitations of COVID-19 and allowing quality training to be properly administered.

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