Custom Event Apps

All event content, AI matchmaking & networking and real time updates.

National Association of REALTORS®

Our attendees have raved about the ease of use and overall design and working with the team is great from a staff perspective, making communication and implementation as seamless as possible.

Track Activity

Collect meaningful data about your event and demonstate value

Contactless Registration/Check In

A unique QR code shows on each attendee's app. Your staff use the app to scan this QR code and check them into your event.

Eliminate/Reduce Printed Material

Load all documents, messaging, content, abstracts etc... into your app and edit these at any time. Stop the need to spend money on printed material and pass hard content from person to person.

Q&A and Polling - Audience Response

No need for a roaming microphone passed around lots of people. Moderated Live Q&A and Live Polling is available within the app.

Scavenger Hunt

Place QR codes at stands and locations around your venue and award points when they are scanned by the app. Motivate attendees to move around and learn where the biggest footfalls are.

Continued Education / Attendance Tracking

Scan badges in and out of sessions to time exactly how long each person has attended a CE session. Certificates can be generated by attendees directly in the app.

Curated playlists for every occasion.

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Lite Plan


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Premium Plan


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Family Plan


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Built, managed & supported to make your event a successes!

Improve networking, increase sponsor revenue & get presentation ready reports to demonstrate success


Guide attendees based on their interests and facilitate meaningful connections

Meeting Concierge

The most flexible and robust meeting portal with auto-allocation and full control

Full Multi-Language

Include unlimited languages that can be switched between instantly

Personalized Itineraries

Show specific details like tickets, table numbers and dietary requirements

Let us know what your goals and challenges are

Let us know what your goals and challenges are