Matching the right attendees & content

Using custom profiling you can match attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and agenda sessions to tailor your users' experiences.

Bring together the right pieces

Matchmaking with virtual events allows for more precise networking opportunities, this is something we believe to be a better part of your virtual experience and is also an option at hybrid/in-person events.

Rather than scrolling and searching for the right person, booth or session you can simply filter using our matchmaking service. For example, let’s say I was a Virtual Platform Provider looking for a CIO. I could use the matchmaking feature to filter by job title and click CIO – this would bring me a list of all CIOs at the event.

You can also have this work the other way, for example I could be a CIO looking for a Virtual Platform Provider, I could go onto the exhibitor list click on the filter and choose Virtual Platform Provider and this would show me all the booths that offer this option.

It is simply a streamlined and precise way to find exactly what you are looking for without having to fact find every person/session/booth at the event.

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