Mix in
pre-recorded content

Don't worry about speakers in different time zones or poor connections. Play pre-recorded material at a touch of a button to simulate that live experience.

Giving that live experience

The platform has the option to run pre-recorded sessions that are pushed live at set times. Attendees wouldn’t be able to scroll or pause the session and would have the look and feel of a live session.

We can also incorporate live and pre-recorded video in one session, mixing the two seamlessly. Simu-Live is also a great option for speakers who can’t make it on the day or have known internet connection concerns.

You can also run days where you have some pre-recorded and some live.

If you run pre-recorded sessions and want the recording up right after the session is over, we can make sure this happens for you. We have seen this be useful for events that cover multiple time zones so people have the ability to watch in their own time.

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