Fully-Branded Virtual Event Platform & App

Create and launch professional, immersive and unforgettable virtual events


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A full suite of features to deliver an unparalleled virtual experience

All partnered with your event content

Live Streaming Controls

Broadcast speakers live, play pre-recorded material and mix them from the Green Room

Advanced Networking

Profiling, filtering and matchmaking with messaging and virtual meetings

Sponsorship Opportunities

Virtual exhibitions, tracked adverts, analytics and sponsored sessions

Unlimited Event Content

Handouts, abstracts, posters, videos and external links in one place

Robust Web Platform

Robust Web Platform
A full-screen experience for laptops and desktops. Perfect for those at home or at work for the best experience.
iOS and Android Mobile App
Branded mobile apps available for those on the go or without access to a laptop or desktop.

Music Teachers National Association

We were able to customize so many features ford our attendees and exhibitors through the platform. Our attendees loved the interactive features, especially the live chat with presenters and that ability to interact with each other and exhibitors.

Top notch customer support

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Why go virtual for your next event?

Reduce overall costs

Become more eco-friendly

Expand your audience

A team to ensure success

Your Project Manager and Live Event Manager will ensure you have all the tools, support and know-how to launch a successful virtual event.
Project Manager
Matches the right features and implements timelines

Want to learn more about going virtual with your events?