Connecting attendees via your platform

Create face-to-face virtual meetings between virtual attendees and a mix of virtual and in-person attendees.

Bringing everyone together

Networking using the platform is simple, one of the best ways to network on the platform is by setting up meetings. You have the ability to go into the attendee list, click on any attendee and click the option book meeting. This will send a meeting request to their account which they can approve and will show up on their In-platform meeting planner.

You can add additional attendees onto the meeting as required and when in the meeting you can share your camera, microphone and share screen. You also can’t double book, which is a very useful feature when at events!

The virtual meetings are available on both the web platform and your mobile app, so in-person attendees, sponsors and exhibitors can connect with their virtual counterparts and visa-versa.

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