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The Society for Endocrinology aims to promote the advancement of public education in endocrinology.

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Provide information for endocrine professionals on new developments in the specialty
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Having been working with the Society for Endocrinology (SfE) on its BES Conferences since 2018, All In The Loop was familiar with the organiser’s needs and desires for the 2021 event.

The event was held at the outstanding Edinburgh International Conference Centre, with more than 200 speakers and 27 exhibitors presenting across the event’s 3 days. The conference aimed to create a forum for endocrinology specialists and industry figures to share information, get valuable feedback and network with other experts in the specialty.

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As with most scientific conferences, the dissemination of information was of paramount importance at the SfE BES Conference. With around 350 documents necessary for different presentations, using a mobile event app would be more convenient than sifting through hundreds of pages. Hence, All In The Loop created a dedicated abstracts page on the app, including a search bar, whereby attendees could filter through the extensive resources using key words and phrases. This made finding and using resources far simpler, as well as greatly cutting down on paper waste, improving the conference’s sustainability.

With close to 100 different presentations in the conference’s agenda, SfE was keen to help attendees filter through and prioritise the most relevant events for them. To this end, filtering, favouriting and notification features were added to the app’s ‘programme’ tab, so users could sort through presentations, mark their favourites and be notified when they were about to start. A notifications page was even included for each individual attendee, to make keeping track of notifications much easier. Q&A functions were also added, so attendees could submit questions through the app for speakers to answer live, rather than queueing behind a microphone or waiting for it to be passed around.

To ensure the event sponsors received enough exposure, a number of dedicated features were introduced to justify partnering with SfE. Firstly, sponsors were given the opportunity to present in a ‘satellite symposia’. Here, companies were allocated a one-hour slot to host discussions related to endocrinology. This provided excellent exposure for the brand and simultaneously offered attendees additional information.

Furthermore, a dedicated ‘sponsors’ tab was produced, where app users could read a sponsor overview and follow links to company websites. This, in combination with a splash screen, which showed the sponsors’ logos for five seconds while the app loaded, provided event partners with a lot of quality exposure. To help attendees navigate the conference centre, a map was included in the app, with clickable booths indicating exhibitor locations. Directions on how to find the venue itself, and the locations of networking areas, were also included in this tab.

All In The Loop created a specific ‘social media’ tab, with links to SfE’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Here, attendees would be encouraged not only to visit the socials, but to produce their own social media posts about the event and tag SfE for additional exposure.


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