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Bayer Crop Science is working to help farmers grow food more sustainably.

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Calgary, Canada
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We have worked with Bayer CropScience on their "Town Hall" events. Bayer CropScience in particular are a group who look at Agriculture and public health as shown below in a quote from their site. “Agriculture and public health intersect now more than ever, and Bayer is on the front lines of both. With one world to grow on, we strive to deliver innovative solutions that help maximize farm yields, secure harvests from devastating disease and pests, and keep our living spaces and environment healthy and beautiful. From high-powered seeds and traits, to innovative biological and chemical crop and environmental protection products, Bayer delivers Science for a Better Life.”

Bayer asked to use the platform and needed a larger number of speakers than we normally accommodate within one session on the platform. As we are always happy to do, we looked at ways to solve this for them. The option we went with was to RTMP the session in. With John (AITL Project Manager) running the RTMP and pushing this live for the audience this also allowed for video and PowerPoints within the session.

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Bayer also had on both Town Halls a Q&A session which we moderated for appropriate questioning to come through, this meant all questions had to be approved before being seen live by the other audience members. Bayer found this to be a very useful tool for their Town Halls. We also had breakout rooms within the events, people would click in on a donut flavour to jump into a room to have a chat with other Bayer employees after the main session had finished. This was also used on both events.

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Bayer Crop Science is working to help farmers grow food more sustainably.

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