Expand your audience beyond your venue

Live stream from your venue, connect in-person and virtual attendees, create one central content resource - available via the web, iOS and Android.

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App for In-Person Attendees
Web Version for Virtual Attendees

One platform connects attendees whether at your venue or elsewhere.

Breaking down the boundaries of in-person events

Launching a Hybrid Event gives you the power to expand your attendance beyond your venue. Create an all-encompassing experience for both in-person and virtual attendees connecting them and your content from one platform.

See how a Hybrid Event works for your attendees.

Live Streaming from
your Venue

There are different ways to live stream from your venue to your virtual attendees and suit a range of events and budgets

Commission your AV Team to live stream from your venue to your web platform using an RTMP Feed.

Work with our Live Event Managers for Advanced Streaming from your venue.

Live stream directly via the platform using a web camera and a laptop.

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All platform features available for both In-Person and Virtual attendees

Our full suite of features are available on both the Web Version and the App Version on iOS and Android.

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Hybrid Event Platform
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Why go Hybrid for your next event?

The main reason is to expand your audience. Be no longer limited by venue capacity, visa restrictions, childcare issues, financial constraints and professional committments.


Larger audience


Higher ticket revenues


Stay contactless onsite

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