Deliver effective virtual events

Create virtual events which provide an outstanding experience for your online attendees.

Build engagement online by utilizing our fully-managed service.

With green room management, comprehensive training, and shareable on-demand content, you’ll have all the help you need before, during, and after your event to make it a success.


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Event expertise and green room management

Plan your virtual event with the hands-on support of our trusted team. You'll get help with green room management to line up speakers and content at the right time. Plus, we ensure everyone has access by working with your IT team to avoid connectivity problems.

Virtual event software created for you

Bring attendees together from around the world using a fully- branded web platform for your virtual event. We’ll guide you through the whole process, listen to your requirements, and develop your custom event software.

Create shareable on-demand content

Extract more value from your event content by turning it into an on-demand asset. We’ll store your live and pre- recorded sessions, along with handouts, videos, and links to extend your event’s life cycle.

"Lots of advice and always on hand to answer questions"

“The service was great from the team, really communicative and always on hand to answer questions & make changes… They also had lots of advice and guidance throughout the process and were always keen to offer their expertise and experience from other events. The messaging and meeting functionality is great so attendees can still network and collaborate even online.”
SGA Programme Officer

Connect attendees from around the world with multi-language events

Enable global networking and matchmaking by connecting people around the world.

Your event app allows attendees to send and receive messages, organize virtual meetings, and use all the features through multi-language streams.

Deliver seamless live and pre-recorded streaming

Present a professional event that combines live speakers, pre-recorded material, and breakout sessions.

Behind the scenes, we’ll onboard and train your speakers, add closed captions, and manage the green room to mix your content seamlessly.

Improve engagement using audience response

Encourage audience interaction during the live event through your event app.

Attendees can participate in moderated polling, Q&A, and provide instant feedback. Your platform also allows people to view other attendees and book virtual meetings.

Happy Clients

"Loved the interactive features"

“We were able to customize so many features for our attendees and exhibitors through the platform. Our attendees loved the interactive features, especially the live chat with presenters and that ability to interact with each other and exhibitors.”
Brian, COO
Music Teachers National Association

Trusted by event organizers worldwide

Clients around the world, including Careflight, Bayer, and connectFirst, trust us to deliver a smooth experience for their events. Each month we support over 150,000 attendees.

Top notch customer support

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Deliver extensive value to your sponsors

Develop attractive sponsorship packages that show a return on investment.

Host virtual exhibitions, organize sponsored sessions, provide event analytics, and enable sponsors to track engagement with their adverts.

Presentation-ready post event reporting

Improve your insights into your event’s performance through intent data and reports.

Plus with detailed analytics into attendees’ behavior, you can measure your event’s success and be better informed for future events.

Harness virtual events for CPD management

Monitor viewing behavior during your virtual events and track how long each attendee watched separate sessions.

Instantly generate CPD certificates for attendees based on their viewing duration.

Connect your systems through automation

Simplify content updates to your existing systems through our integrations.

We have APIs to automate your integration with many platforms, including HubSpot, WordPress, and Salesforce. If you need a custom integration, we can build that too.

"Constant communication and content updated quickly"

“First ever virtual conference was a success with AITL. There was constant communication with our conference hosts and ourselves. They kept in touch, made sure we were happy, and updated content quickly.”

Organize professional virtual events

Discover how our software helps to make your event a success—for your sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees.

We’ve been creating custom event apps for B2B events worldwide for over ten years. And we’re rated 4.8 out of 5 for customer service by Capterra, the business software marketplace.

All events are unique. Let us know what matters to you.

Event software for all your events

In-person events

Deliver engaging conferences, expos, and events that provide value for your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Hybrid events

Create interactive event experiences for in-person and online attendees with live streaming and audience response.

Virtual events

Connect attendees around the world through virtual events and create content you can share on demand.