Upscale ROI with Event App Sponsorship

Tailored sponsorship packages to drive more revenue from your event. Plus with extensive data capture, your branded app offers sponsors unique insights into attendees who engage with their digital content.

A new revenue stream - and happy sponsors

Varying sponsorship levels and a wide range of revenue generating opportunities. Provide full sponsorship packages and offer a variety of options to your top exhibitors.

Attract leads like a pro!

In-app lead capture & retrieval

Scan attendee badges and build a downloadable list of leads with our event mobile app.

Intent data & reports for stakeholders

Presentation ready reports with insights on attendee intent vs behaviour with stakeholders. Demonstrate ROI & fuel future strategies.

Collect custom data

Data collection and analytics of real-time in-app activities.

Advert banners, app sponsorship, push notifications

Unlimited event app digital sponsorship opportunities.


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Digital Marketing

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UI & UX Design

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Custom event sponsorship packages

Customisable bundles to distinguish the hierarchy of sponsorship. Manage where sponsors appear at the forefront of the lists and add labels to help them stand out. 

Upsell sponsor profile

Unlimited upselling opportunities with number of displayed products. Have attendees connect with the booth representatives, add videos, links to your social media & website.

Main app sponsorship

Front and centre in the app, the main app sponsor offers a prime opportunity for maximum exposure by linking their logo to their virtual booth or an external link.

Branded splash screen

Sponsors can steal the spotlight with a prominent splash screen tailor-made to their brand, making them centre stage on login!

Branded advert banners

Brand banners prominently displayed on the homescreen and login screen. Implementation of sticky banners located at the bottom of the application screen. Integration of multiple banner options with scrolling capability and randomized delays.

Session sponsorship

Sponsor branding on session listings expand will sponsor visibility and potential lead generation.

Meeting bundles

Sponsors can extract more value from your event content by following up and booking meeting with leads captured. You can upsell meetings in bundles of your choosing.

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Facilitate the lead magnet - Networking with AITL app

Give sponsors’ varying levels of networking opportunities. Connect your sponsors with right people to create lasting relationships.


Sponsor profile page

Unlimited upselling opportunities - number of displayed products, have attendees connect with the booth representatives, add videos, add links to your social media & website.


Interest based matchmaking

Smarter matchmaking based on similar interests and other criteria, so your sponsors don't miss the opportunity to meet the right people

& filter

Search & filter

Find the right people based on products, services or interests


Meeting booking

Book times and locations - impossible to double book.



Instant message others partnered with notifications.

Create new sponsor revenue at your events