1500+ events supported worldwide

Since our inception on 2015 we have supported all types of events across the globe. By listening to and acting on feedback from our clients we have a truly versatile platform ready to support your events.

"Coming up on our fourth year working with All In The Loop, I can't imagine our app being with anyone else. Our attendees have raved about the ease of use and overall design and working with the team is great from a staff perspective, making communication and implementation as seamless as possible." Image Description

"There was constant communication with our conference hosts and ourselves. They kept in touch, made sure we were happy, and updated content quickly."

"Working with AITL was a true partnership! They were as committed to the success of our program as we were. What was particularly appealing is the "can do" attitude of their service/support team and their proactive suggestions as to how we could improve our approach to virtual events. " Image Description

"It's brilliant as an event platform to have everything in one place so that users can explore other areas rather than just the live stream. The messaging and meeting functionality is great so attendees can still network and collaborate even online. Makes a big difference to attendees overall experience, making it feel like more of a whole day event/experience for those missing face-to-face events. "