Keep the momentum of your event alive all year long

Create a meaningful and impactful experience for your attendees, ensuring a receptive audience for your next event.

Gain a Competitive Edge and Maximize ROI

Effortlessly host and manage your event community, fostering continuity and connection among attendees.



Expand networking beyond a single event, enabling attendees to build lasting relationships with each other.



Engage and educate your event community through regular webinars, news updates, insights, blogs, and on-demand content.



Unlock year-round revenue streams with limitless sponsorship and collaboration opportunities.



Gain valuable insights into attendee behaviour. Collect custom data and receive presentation-ready reports to inform your future strategies.

On-demand content library

Create a content library featuring collections from all your events, transforming your sessions into a year-round, easily accessible educational portal.

Worried about long-term commitment to effort?

Let us show you how we can help sustain a year round event community effortlessly.

365 Revenue Streams

Advert banners, app sponsorship, push notifications

Unlimited event app digital sponsorship opportunities.

In-app lead capture & retrieval

Scan attendee badges and build a downloadable list of leads with our event mobile app.

Intent data & reports for stakeholders

Presentation ready reports with insights on attendee intent vs behaviour with stakeholders. Demonstrate ROI & fuel future strategies.

Empower Your Community - Transform Attendees into Ambassadors

Extend networking beyond just one event. Build a central hub for discussion, debate, and best practices, all under the umbrella of your event brand. Your attendees will become your best advocates. 

Interest based

Interest based matchmaking

Smarter matchmaking based on similar interests and other criteria, so your attendees don't miss the opportunity to meet the right people.

Chats &

Chats & Forums

Instant message others community members with notifications.

Webinars &

Webinars & Meet-ups

Attendees can nook times and locations without double booking.


On-demand content

Video recordings, blogs, news articles and many more - All in one content library.

Is it worth the money?

In the long term, year-round communities are likely to be cost-effective than pop-up communities. There’s no need for a fresh launch. The activity in the community increases as the pre-event cycle begins. 

Feature list

Exhibitor Directories

Unlimited upselling opportunities - number of displayed products, have attendees connect with the booth representatives, add videos, add links to your social media & website.

Networking & Matchmaking

With AI matchmaking power connections, conversations and possibilities for your attendees and exhibitors worldwide.

365 Marketplace

Product listings with smart person-to-product matchmaking. Exhibitors can create custom product directories visible to all attendees to interact with.

Data Analytics

Data insights in a single view. Dashboards are designed to help you easily follow up on behaviour and intent, reducing the time to respond to situations.

Content library

Streamline tracking and managing on-demand content such as videos, articles, courses and much more with our comprehensive content management system.

Webinars & Meetups

Connect your attendees with subject matter experts to promote education and subject awareness.

Sponsorship & Revenue

Unlimited event app digital sponsorship opportunities. Upsell branded adverts, content solution sponsorship such as articles & sessions, push notifications and much more.

Upcoming Event List

One stop for all your events. Keep your community informed with an upcoming events directory.

Instant chat and video calls

At strategic times throughout the year, let the people in your community get together to connect and meet. Video calling and instant messaging can help to strengthen relationships.