AI Matchmaking
& Event Networking

Guide attendees to the right people and places at your event.

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Active & passive data profiles

You decide how to match your attendees to your sponsors and content - don't rely on random matches.


Attendees must choose interests and attributes you define.

If you collect this during registration these can be pre-populated via an integration.

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Filtering & Connecting

Your sponsors, exhibitors and attendees can filter the full attendee list using these interests/attributes and connect via messaging and meeting booking.


The solution can also suggest who they should be contacting and sponsors they should be visiting based on their preferences - and which sessions to attend.

Monitoring & Analytics

See in real-time who is connecting, meeting request statuses and interests/attributes added or edited.

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How our networking features work

Event Apps  

Choose from a vast array of settings for meeting booking including speed meetings, set meeting times, auto allocation of meeting tables and private room bookings.

Event Apps  

All instant messages and meeting booking are partnered with instant push notifications and can also include a partnered email.

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Help facilitate meaning connections at your events

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