Project management and service sets us apart

Unlike other event platform providers, we understand that you will likely need help and guidance throughout the process.

You will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager and dedicated Live Event Manager who will be with you every step of the way.

A robust and carefully tailored process created from our wealth of experience

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    Kick Off/Onboarding

    Our Onboarding calls are basically to find and understand your vision for the live event and showcase how we can meet these requirements. It is also to show you all of the abilities you have within the platform as we may have options you may not have considered but would be a good fit for your event. It is also a place to talk about timescales, how and when we would want content on the platform and also talk about training the relevant people for the event such as our speaker training calls.

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    Leading up to your event

    After we have completed your onboarding call and understood your vision for your event, we can then start building it! We have a dedicated content team who will collate all the data sent over and create your specific branded site. This includes Speaker Bios, Exhibitor booth pages, the design of the site and agenda. Not only this but we will be training you, the exhibitors and the speakers on how to work and use the platform for the live day. We will also create how to PDFs and Video for your site specifically so they have extra information to refer back to they will also have the option to speak to us if they run into any issues or have questions you are unable to answer.

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    Communication and Access

    As soon as we have an initial design of your platform we can give you and your team access to review and visit whenever you want to check in or play around with your platform. This gives you a 360 degree of the project from inception. We also recommend weekly calls with your Project Manager which can become more frequent the closer to your event.

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    Live Event Day

    Now we have fully built the platform, it is time to go live with the event! We will make sure you have a direct number to your Live event manager within All in the Loop, so, if you need anything we are right there for you. Our Live Event Manager and support team will be supervising your entire event. We would also look after attendee issues with our email helpdesk. Our role on the day is to make sure you have the easiest day possible!

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    Post Event

    Once the event has finished, we can get you across the analytics for the day/days. This includes, viewing stats, exhibitor booth clicks, surveys answered, advert banner clicks, messages and more. This is great, as it lets you know what the popular areas of the site are, what you may want to use again or even aspects you want to promote further in the future. We would also want to do a debrief with yourselves about the live event and run up to the event. We really value every client and always really want to make sure you are completely satisfied with the service, any and all feedback is great to know.

What kinds of events are you planning?