Event App & Attendance Tracking

Track attendance, award points and automate certificate distribution

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Award points and learn which sessions attended

Scan badges in and out of sessions with your mobile app to track exactly when someone joined, left, returned and how long they attended.

App Tracking

Scan attendees in and out of sessions with your app - and check to see if they are allowed in specific sessions.

If you have virtual attendees their session attendance is tracked automatically.

Use your normal badges or generate badges with our registration system.

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Awarding Points

Choose how long an attendee needs to stay in a session and how many points they will be awarded.

In App Certificate Generation

Attendees can generate personalized and custom certificates of attendance directly from the app or the web platform.

Event Analytics

See in real-time how many people are currently in a session and who. Export these details along with attendee attributes to help shape future strategies.

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Streamling CPD and Attendance Tracking at your events

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