The Royal Society of Medicine is one of the UK’s leading providers of continuing learning in healthcare

The Pathology Section of The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM), in association with the Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland, held an interactive webinar titled “Embracing complexity in modern pathology” from 25th to 26th January 2022.

45 speakers presented to around 250 attendees across the two-day event, giving talks and discussing a range of pathological topics. RSM decided to run a virtual event, to avoid spreading COVID-19 and to accommodate a number of speakers from outside the UK. With around 20 separate presentations scheduled on a variety of topics, the event’s web platform needed to be particularly user friendly, so attendees could easily locate and join their desired discussions.

To achieve this, events were assigned categories and labelled. A filtering function was then incorporated so attendees could select from a range of tags to find their preferred events. A search bar was also included, in case users needed to navigate by more specific phrases.

In addition to the high volume of presentations, the RSM also had a number of e-poster discussions scheduled. These involved posters on recent pathological innovations, which were prepared by experts who recorded themselves explaining the content. The recordings would need be broadcast to attendees during the event. All In The Loop was able to insert these recordings into the platform and schedule them for broadcast, so they would be presented to the attendees as-live.

In case the presentations moved too fast for some users, a dedicated ‘e-poster area’ tab was created, where the posters could be accessed before the event, so attendees could prep for the presentations, as well as during and after then event for review.

With the exception of these poster sessions, RSM wanted presentations to be broadcast live, with speakers answering questions from attendees in real time. To facilitate this, All In The Loop ran speaker training sessions, ensuring each presenter would be proficient enough with the platform to broadcast without error. Furthermore, question and answer function were added to live sessions, so the attendees could still interact with the speakers virtually and have their queries addressed live.

RSM wanted the web platform’s appearance to correspond to their branding. The All In The Loop design team worked closely with the client to produce a bold, minimalist, on-brand layout. The crimson of the RSM logo was used throughout the platform, while the client’s coat of arms subtly superimposed into the home page’s background.

For this event, the dissemination of relevant documents would be essential, so attendees could prepare and get the most out of presentations. All in The Loop set up a document API with RSM, which transferred all the relevant abstracts into a dedicated tab on the platform, including plenary abstracts, rapid fire oral abstracts, invited speaker abstracts and poster abstracts.

The organisers wanted to included a feedback form for the event, but needed it to be their own online survey, rather than one produced for the platform. Using embedded links, All In The Loop was able to insert RSM’s feedback survey into a tab on the platform. This way, the form remained a separate entity, but attendees were still able to access it through the event’s web platform.

Industry  Medical
Location  United Kingdom
Goals  Increase understanding of disease models, molecular technologies and digital pathology
Type Virtual Conference with CPD

Main Features used

Live Streaming
Interactive e-Poster Sessions
Feedback Surveys