Harnessing interaction at your events

Interactivity is important in any event, be it Virtual, Hybrid or In Person. If there is nothing for your audience to do or get involved in, it is fair to say, to them, it probably won’t be as memorable. The attendee is your best promoter, but only if you give them something to talk about. Using the All in the Loop platform, we can make sure your event is memorable.
In person events can for example have scavenger hunts where your attendees can go around the venue searching for QR codes and scanning them using the app. You have the option also to have a live updating leader board so you can see in live time who is winning. If you don’t have the time/space for a scavenger hunt you can also have people answering surveys for points, taking photos that are uploaded into the app as some sort of competition, even shopping on a merch store. This is obviously just a few examples of what we can do in person. Of course we also have the most commonly used options of Polling & Q&A, these are great for the live sessions as the speakers can have live polls and see peoples learning or what the audience consensus is and live Q&A allows for people to ask questions (these can be moderated) which can also be voted on so the speaker can be aware of popular questions.
We can make sure your event is memorable.

Hybrid events can have all that an in-person event can and we find with Hybrid it can be used much more – you can have options like the activity feed where people can put status updates and link to twitter this connects those attending virtually and those at the live platform. You also give the end users more options such as video calls between the audience in person and those elsewhere – you can have games based on team work between the two as you can set areas that are only accessible by one type of attendee rather than another, again you can gamify this to make it fun for the end user. This not only gives them more interaction but great for networking in an environment strained by people’s different locations, without an App – this is almost impossible to do without a massive amount of logistics.

On a completely virtual platform, you obviously don’t have the benefits of asking people to navigate a live platform of course. What you do have however is the option to do everything mentioned above in a virtual way, you also have almost limitless options using the platform as we can essentially pull any webpage (provided we have express permission of course), we have had video games, shops, websites and of course embedded live stream video.

We can do much more of course and the beauty of working with us is that you give us an idea of what you want to do and we will see how to achieve your vision. We have done so with many of our clients who came to us with ideas of how they want their attendees to interact and achieved this with great success.

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