The Event Marketplace: A New Horizon for Event Technology?

With burgeoning virtual event platforms raising billions in the last 12 months, it might feel natural to jump to the conclusion that investments promise growth here. But is it that simple?

So, What Has Changed in Event Tech?

As we begin our transition into the ‘new normal’, various event brands have opted for a ‘Hybrid’ format for their event. Aiming to create a midpoint between In-Person and Virtual events, event brands are going Hybrid in order to exercise caution for potential COVID-19 transmission and accommodate participants who the pandemic might restrict from attending physically.

Even though the above criteria has often been fulfilled, we have to ask: does this really mean an event can be classed as ‘Hybrid’?

Ironically, returning to In-Person and Hybrid events, the companies that did not leverage users for investments may well be the ones best positioned to satisfy event organisers going forward.

The Almost-Hybrid

While Virtual event platforms such as Hopin have succeeded in providing a successful alternative to In-Person meetings during the pandemic, their lack of interactive features for on-site attendees prevents them from being fully appropriate for Hybrid events.

The current pivot back to In-Person events will pose challenges for some event platforms. However, with years of expertise gained in the intricacies of In-Person events and, more recently, Virtual events, All In The Loop is primed and ready to continue delivering quality Hybrid events. Under one unified platform, on-site and off-site attendees can connect with each-other – for example, through Live Q&A – bridging the gap between what could be two disparate audiences. The visible presence of a wider audience simultaneously engaging with custom features allows for heightened event scope, leaving a strong impression on participants.

A true Hybrid event can only succeed if the technology adds value for In-Person participants. All In The Loop’s custom mobile app means on-site attendees can access all event materials via the app or desktop version, such as an Interactive, Multi-Track Agenda; Documents and Abstracts; and Live Streams, with a skilled team updating information in real-time.

The level of synergy between the web platform and mobile app version creates excellent opportunities for Networking and Sponsorship, meaning event success can be fully realized. Delivering a seamless user experience under the umbrella of a single, consolidated platform is All In The Loop’s distinguishing feature, offering a fully integrated and streamlined experience alongside an unrivalled, fully managed service.


The True Hybrid Event is a positive development for the events world, increasing possibilities for attendees with a variety of accessibility requirements and presenting a dynamic solution for events problematized by restriction and limitation.

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