CASA 2021 Celebrates Our Healthcare Heroes

The outstanding efforts of front-line workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been awe-inspiring for us all. In bleak times, it can be easy to forget the good in the world; it is our health care services and their noble work which has reminded us of that good, proving that empathy and humanity are here to stay. The California Ambulatory Surgery Association’s (CASA) Annual Conference & Exhibit 2021 provided an opportunity to build on lessons learned from the past year and celebrate all of their incredible achievements.

Recent months have imposed a unique combination of challenges for California’s Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) community, seeing them respond to the simultaneous crisis of COVID-19 and local wildfires. With the safety of attendees being a central concern, CASA opted for the GBAC STAR-accredited Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa as the conference’s venue, ensuring a superior standard of disinfection was maintained throughout.

Held from September 8th – 10th, The CASA conference experienced a high volume of participants, with an impressive 701 registrants signing up to the events. Attendees could benefit from the expertise and insight of speakers such as Dr. Dave Logan (‘Tribal Leadership’), Sarah Lancara (‘Improving Patient Communication’), and Jenna Ramesh (‘Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging’). The app was sponsored by Envision Physician Services, who utilized a handy in-app feature meaning attendees could simply click on their logo on the main app page and be transported to the company website.

All In The Loop’s branded mobile app meant that attendees could access information such as digital agendas, a map of the various Exhibitor Booths, an embedded social media or ‘Online Community’ feature and links to useful documentation. The app also catered for attendees who wished to remain socially distanced; participants could Network via the in-app Messaging service, and a state-of-the-art QR code scanner allowed for the contactless exchange of information with fellow attendees, also granting entry to the conference’s different booths.

Since 2017, CASA have been in safe hands with All In The Loop’s skilled team. As we begin to transition from Virtual to In-Person events, it’s important to have an event service who understand the intricacies of both Live and Virtual events. For CASA’s 2021 Conference, All In The Loop were ready to deliver this, affording a streamlined and successful experience.

Industry   Medical
Location  California, United States
Goals  Bring together members of the Ambulatory Surgery Association
Type  In Person Conference
Main Features used

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QR Code Scanning
Contactless Lead Retrieval
Live Polling
Interactive Floor Plan
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