IHS Don’t Miss a Beat with their In-Person Conference

The 68th Annual Conference of The Israel Heart Society (IHS) was held at The Expo Tel Aviv International Conference Center, enabling an international cohort of healthcare experts to connect and exchange insights. IHS was formed in 1952 in order to maximize research around the prevention of heart diseases and related therapy. The 2021 Conference was held in association with frequent collaborators The Israel Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery, forming a powerhouse coalition for the future of heart-health.

AstraZeneca and Pfizer – responsible for developing two of the central COVID-19 vaccines distributed today – sponsored the Conference, attesting in itself to the quality and value of IHS’ work. The IHS Conference was co-organized with The European Society of Cardiology, The American College of Cardiology, The American Heart Association, and L’Association Franco-Israélienne de Cardiologie, meaning a wealth of insight toward advancements in cardiovascular health and biomedical research could be achieved. The Conference once again surpassed expectations and standards, offering cutting-edge sessions including ‘The Safety and Efficacy of the Mitraclip’, ‘The revolution in cardiac amyloidosis is here! From Suspicion to Early Diagnosis’ and ‘Post-COVID-19 Acute Myocardial Infarction Rebound’. Also explored were much-needed enquiries into sex-specific medical research, examining in particular de-novo acute heart failure in women.

IHS made the bold decision to move back on-site with their 2021 Conference; this follows their state-of-the-art Virtual Conference which took place during the height of COVID-19 in 2020, a sign of IHS’ drive to innovate and commitment to improving healthcare. Pivoting back to an In-Person format was made possible through All In The Loop’s skilled, managed service and excellent event technology solutions, constructing a memorable and insightful Conference for all.

Through All In The Loop’s custom mobile app (sponsored by The European Society of Cardiology), a range of features built to optimize the on-site experience were easily accessible. A Digital Agenda, List of Speakers, Directions and Interactive Map increased the navigability of the site and its content. The app simultaneously streamlined Networking and Sponsorship Opportunities, with dedicated Sponsors, Attendees, Speakers & Exhibitors spaces alongside in-app Messaging, Meetings Requesting and a Matchmaking service boosting interactivity during and post-event.

IHS’ mobile app also afforded a Contactless and Paperless solution, tackling the COVID-19 and environmental crises by increasing opportunities for social distancing and reducing unnecessary waste. The app is also an excellent venue for advertisement, with The European Society of Cardiology choosing to promote their Digital Summit 2021 using a vibrant in-app banner. All In The Loop’s skilled Live Team were able to edit information whenever necessary, combating printing costs and potential inaccuracies. Helping the Israel and international health care community collaborate towards more comprehensive and inclusive health care practices was All In The Loop’s pleasure. We look forward to continuing to develop our working relationship with IHS and delivering further instalments of these essential conferences in future.

New Project

Industry   Medical
Location  Tel Aviv, Israel
Goals  Contactless, paperless and safe medical conference
Type In Person Conference

Main Features used

Speaker Profiles
Live Polling
Contactless Q&A
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