MCEC supports children by educating, advocating, and collaborating to resolve education challenges associated with the military lifestyle.

We created the look and feel they desired with the home page and got to work on inputting content and training their team on how to add content themselves. We had a moderate size agenda which included 46 sessions with a mix of discussion rooms, pre-recorded video and live main stage sessions. We also ran continued education, social links and a marketplace. This allowed for the attendees to have something gained from coming to this event, such as, new contacts, a certificate or merchandise!

We had a large number of speakers and exhibitors on this platform, they were all very capable making support on our side much easier. The exhibitors had a good amount of inbound leads and also looked to actively speak to the attendees. We had an AV team working on the platform with the speakers, this allowed for quick changes as the event required.

Industry  Non-Profit
Location  Texas, U.S.
Goals  A virtual conference and trade show to replace their usual in-person annual event.
Virtual Exhibition/Conference
Main Features used

Live Streaming
Virtual Exhibition
Interactive Floor Plan