NAR Go Contactless with Their Efficient 2021 Summit

At their first In-Person Summit since 2019, The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) delivered two inspiring days of knowledge-exchange, opportunities to confer with fellow members and sponsors, and insightful talks with keynote speakers from the thriving real estate industry. Opting for a joyous return to physical gathering after an isolating time for us all, the NAR Summit showcased state-of-the-art technology by All In The Loop which allowed for the quality exhibition of a valuable Live Event.

A historic organisation founded in 1908, NAR has been a prevailing force in the field of real estate for over 100 years, providing its current 1.45million members with professional advice and resources to aid them in their careers as realtors. The Summit provided a platform to assess a market in flux, exploring COVID-induced trends such as the relocation of those living in cities to more spacious, affordable, suburban areas. With the real estate industry and the economy recovering from a period of immense strain, NAR’s 2021 Summit represents a bright future for real estate, with homeowners entering the market able to imagine an exciting and accessible future. The 2021 NAR Summit in Chicago, Illinois functioned as an information hub and resource centre for members, offering access to the wealth of support, insight and experience available from realtors nationwide. Speakers ranged from awe-inspiring former Paralympian, author and public speaker, Bonnie St. John – one of NBC Nightly News’ ‘Most Inspiring Women in America’ – to industry professionals like Kaki Lybbert, NAR’s 2022 Vice-President of Advocacy. The NAR Summit app was fully customized to deliver an enriching point-of-reference whilst otherwise encouraging attendees to connect organically in aid of our recent social deprivation.

NAR’s 2021 Summit demonstrates a powerfully human approach, with the In-Person format in itself responding to the global crises of COVID-19 and global warming. Consistent with its paperless, resource-saving theme, NAR opted for various digital features through All In The Loop to enhance the overall experience and ensure our difficult global situation did not prevent this exciting event from taking place. The Summit also signposts a future for events in which even those held In-Person are somewhat digitized, utilizing the app’s fantastic QR-code entry system, digital Session Handouts zone, and links to COVID-19 Safety Protocols, preventing waste and potential transmission. Attendees could also create a personal schedule to help organise their experience with the in-app Summit Programme, augmenting the Live experience rather than creating a Hybrid one.

Speakers offered vital tools and insight into the current real estate market, with sessions including ‘3 Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Real Estate Agent’; a thorough examination of the current market by NAR’s Chief Economist Lawrence Yu; and a talk about the microeconomics of homeownership. Sponsors for the Summit were C2EX, MasterLock, The Centre for Financial Wellness, Lone Wolf Technologies,, and Suprq, who NAR members had the option of reading about in-app, messaging via its Messaging service and connecting In-Person, optimizing the potential for Networking.

It was All In The Loop’s distinct pleasure to support NAR in their aims as well as the re-administration of In-Person events at large, with their 2021 Summit symbolising our transition into a world of growth and togetherness.

Industry  Real Estate
Location  Chicago, United States
Goals  Bringing together leaders within the Association
In-Person Conference

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