Hybrid, what is it good for?

See how a Hybrid Event works for your attendees.

Why choose Hybrid over an in-person event?

There are a few good reasons to choose Hybrid over an in-person event, such as; potential for a bigger client base, more sponsorship opportunities, better for the environment, less need for a big venue and less to worry about in terms of the pandemic. We have had multiple clients tell us they have had a bigger and more international audience from going Hybrid over doing solely in-person. It is far easier, cheaper, safer and better for the environment for a person to watch online than it is to travel across the world to attend an event. However, by keeping it Hybrid you still have that option to go to the venue, experience the onsite networking, exhibitors and still stay green by using the app to check in, scan booths for business cards and book meetings with people on location and virtual. The Hybrid model essentially gives you the best of both worlds.

Why choose Hybrid over a virtual event?

The truth is people, if they can, like to see one another. You will also find exhibitors get more out of a live/hybrid event than they do a virtual event. It is easier to network and it is easier to entice people to their booths. You also have easier collaboration for speakers, who can ask live questions to specific audience members – ask audience members onto the stage and give people specific tasks that can’t be done online. In-person simply allows for more impromptu collaboration however a virtual event (or in this case hybrid) allows people who can’t make it to the live venue another avenue. They still want to experience the event as best as they can, but be it money, environmental concerns or certain restrictions they cannot attend in person. This allows them access to an event that would otherwise been excluding them from attending. It simply gives all the options to allow the attendee/speaker/exhibitor the option they want.


The beauty of having Hybrid is you truly get the benefits of both an in-person and a virtual platform.

What can Hybrid do? What features are offered?

Hybrid can quite simply do everything an in-person event can do and also everything a virtual event can do. Although virtual events were more forced upon us than something actively sought after, we have found they actually have massive benefits, the attendee list allows you to filter people down to find the exact person/people you are looking for at an event rather than aimlessly networking with everybody you come across. Exhibitors can look at profiles easily and see who really is the decision maker and who is honestly worth their time at the event. It allows for meetings to be booked in one central hub and the ability to have all documents and business cards in one place. It essentially has streamlined all of the extra leg work involved with live events. All of that work created fits perfectly still in Hybrid events. All of the work done before we went virtual is still there also so in person attendees can still check in using the app, still do the Q&A portion of a session using the app, still message attendees live and virtual on the app and so much more. The beauty of having Hybrid is you truly get the benefits of both an in-person and a virtual platform.

Does Hybrid have more flexibility?

In a word – yes. Hybrid as mentioned a few times gives people the option to experience the event both virtually and in person. This isn’t exclusive to the attendees either, you can have sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and MCs all attending how they wish. We can also integrate with pretty much any AV team around the world to allow for it all to be seen by everybody in-person or virtual. You also have the option to pivot if needed much easier to virtual or to totally in person if you so wish. You have the best of all the platform with no downsides and you always have the safety net of the all in the loop team if anything ever changes.

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