10 reasons why you should you use a Mobile Event App

  • Attendance at events with a mobile app is 20% higher than at those without.
  • Mobile event apps increase engagement by up to 33%
  • The average tradeshow generates about 170 trees worth of paper – if we used just 10% less paper annually, we could save 5 million trees. By including event documents in a tab on the mobile app, you can eliminate this paper waste.
  • Likewise, including all event resource on the app, organisers can make finding handouts more convenient for attendees.
  •  Event apps can be customised with networking features, like filterable lists of attendees, to make identifying and contacting relevant professionals much easier.
  • 98% of UK residents aged 16-54 own a smart phone, so effectively all event attendees can access and use an app, guaranteeing its use.
  • Q&A functions let attendees ask questions live via the app, so speakers can answer in real time rather than waiting for a microphone to be passed around.
  •  If a speaker overruns, a mobile app can be updated immediately to reflect time changes and even send push notification to attendees, informing them of the new schedule.
  • Each time a user opens the app, organisers gain valuable analytics, which can be used to plan future events, justify sponsorship and even sold on for profit.

  • Events with a mobile app get 17% more sponsorship sales, as organisers can guarantee exposure with banners, splash screens and even dedicated sponsor tabs.

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