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Mastering Lead Generation at Events: Solutions and Strategies for 2024

Are you struggling to generate quality leads at events despite your best efforts? In the dynamic world of business marketing, lead generation at events remains a cornerstone strategy. Despite the surge in digital marketing, face-to-face interactions at trade shows, conferences, and other events provide unique opportunities to forge personal connections and secure high-quality leads. However, these events come with their own set of challenges. In this blog, we explore these challenges and present solutions and strategies that are proven effective in the faced event industry of 2024. … Read More

Event Apps in 2024: Are They the Game-Changer that Your Event Needs?

In the ever-changing world of event planning, staying ahead of the curve is crucial.

Events, with their multitude of activities, talks, and seminars, can be overwhelming for visitors. Traditionally, attendees relied on printed maps and schedules, but as we navigate through 2024, these have largely been replaced by custom-designed event apps.

The big question is – how effective are these apps?

If executed well, event apps can greatly benefit both organisers and visitors. Conversely, poorly designed apps can be a waste of time and money, leaving a negative impression. … Read More