NMBS Trade Exhibition 2023 & 2024


Project Overview: In late 2022, All in the Loop was approached by NMBS to create an app for their annual NMBS Trade Exhibition for the years 2023 & 2024, a major event for builders where buyers meet exhibitors to place orders for building materials and tools. The primary goal was to reduce paperwork and automate the order process.

Client Needs:

  • Reduction of Paperwork: Transition from manual order forms to a digital system.
  • Order and Rebate Automation: Ensure orders placed at the expo qualify for rebates.
  • Pre-order Functionality: Allow buyers to indicate intended orders with stands before the event.

Year One Implementation (2023):

  • Lead Retrieval and Order Placement: App included a feature for exhibitors to scan buyer badges to capture lead details.
  • Pre-orders: Buyers could pre-register orders via the app or NMBS forms, which were then inputted into the app, leading to data duplication.
  • Reflections:
    • Data Duplication: Each order created multiple leads, causing excessive data.
    • App Performance: High data volume slowed down the app, especially on the first day of the Expo.
    • Initial Reactions: Mixed feedback due to app performance issues but improved on the second day after server process adjustments.
NMBS event app 2023

Post-Event Review and Adjustments:

  • Client Feedback: Recognized the unnecessary complexity of pre-order processes.
  • App Changes for Year Two:
    • Simplified Pre-order Process: Removed external forms and pre-order data imports.
    • Bookmark Feature: Buyers bookmarked stands in the app, creating lead intent and reducing data volume.
    • Visual Indicators: Introduced a system with grey and green ticks to indicate attendees’ intent to visit stands and actual visits for order placements respectively.

Year Two Implementation (2024):

  • Improved User Experience: Streamlined bookmark and visit tracking enhanced app usability.
  • Data Management: Linked representatives to exhibitor profiles, simplifying data exports. This reduced the final data for client handover significantly, ensuring only useful data was processed.
  • Performance: App performed significantly better, with positive feedback from users.


NMBS event app 2024

Key Enhancements:

  • Map Integration: Added a feature to visualize bookmarked stands on the event floor plan, improving on-site navigation.
  • Efficient Development: Reduced development time by reusing and refining previous year’s work.


  • Positive Client Relationship: Improved processes and performance strengthened client trust.
  • Future Use: NMBS plans to continue using the app, with minor refinements for subsequent events.
"Very pleased to also report we had very positive comments on the app saying it is the best app they have seen at an Exhibition."
NMBS logo 2024
Nicola Coventry
Marketing Manager NMBS

Conclusion: The collaboration between NMBS and All in the Loop resulted in a successful digital transition for the NMBS Expo. Despite initial challenges, continuous improvements and effective client communication led to a highly functional app that streamlined event processes and enhanced the user experience.

Industry   Building Suppliers
Location  Coventry, England
Goals Develop an event app for paperless management of pre event orders and show rebates
In-Person Trade Exhibition

Main Features used
Badge Scanning
In-App Tickets
Exhibitors list
Map Navigation
Lead Retrieval